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IdaPremium Rewards

• IdaPremium Rewards for premium players earn our bettors even greater cash.  Each level is simple and easy to qualify and the best rewards in the biz…are better yet!

Not all tracks are eligible for IdaPremium Rewards.

IDAGOLD: If you wager at least $3000 per month in addition to your daily IdaRewards cash bonus, you will get .75% in cash back of your total monthly wagers in our IdaGold level.
IDAPLATINUM: For players betting a minimum of $10,000 monthly, you bonus rewards for the month is increased to 1% of total wagers and a $10 Handicapper’s Store credit as part of IdaPremium level.
IDAMEDALLION: Wager at least $20,000 in a month are you have reached IdaMedallion with an extra 2% monthly cash reward and $25 for the Handicapper’s Store.

No forms to fill out…we’ll automatically add you when you reach each level. Monthly cash rewards will be credited to your account the first week of the following month. Terms and conditions subject to change at anytime.

Show wagers excluded on IdaPremiumRewards. reserves the right to discontinue promotion at anytime. Any player not meeting valid identification or eligibility including multiple accounts at the same residence, IP address or household will disqualify player from promotion.

We reserve to the right to limit or cancel bonuses and rewards at anytime due to relevant changes within the industry. Bonuses and rewards are subject to review of players accounts and may be changed or canceled based on the tracks and types of bets by the player. Wagering at tracks that prohibit or limit rewards, take out fees and host track fees and frequent changes in such fees will affect rewards and bonuses at times. seeks to work with you to ensure you can maximize your wagering dollar to receive the best rewards and bonuses possible.