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Delaware County Fair Tuesday Selections



Selections by “Sulky Sam”

Dedicated in loving memory to the late Sam McKee, the best ambassador our sport has ever had.


Race 1


#9 Fiesty Jim—could probably bounce and still win in this bunch.  The 4, 6, and 8 appear to be the ones to pick up the pieces, or even win if our top selection can’t stay flat for most of the trip.


Race 2


#2 Astarisontheway, and #6 Make Three Wishes—are so closely rated that we will just go with an exacta box on them in this estrogen based ladies pace, and move on to the next event.  


Race 3


#2 Redwoods Hanover—looks like much the best here.  27% winning conditioner Farquhar hands the steer to Nisonger.  The 5 and 6 look like the logical contenders in this group of freshmen pacers.  


Race 4


#6 Peter’s Express—gets the nod in this group of freshmen diagonal gaiters.  The Sugg animals, the 4 with Kurt, and the 8 with Duke appear most likely to fill the spaces underneath.    


Race 5


#2 R J Jetpac—has the highest earnings in this septet of freshmen pacers.  Nisonger could get his 2nd victory of the day.  The 3, 4, and 6 all have reasons enough to contend for shares.  


Race 6


#4 I Get It—could just as easily be 10 for 10 instead of 7 for 10, were it not for the fact he miscued in those 3 starts.  Let’s use four contenders with him just in case. The 1, 2, 7, and 8 will occupy those positions.


Race 7


#2 Johns Tryst, #4 Aeroblast, and the #6 Skyway Artistic—are all so closely rated that we think  that trifecta and exacta boxes should be played, and move on to something more easily identified.


Race 8


#3 Don’t Tell Luke, and the #4 Mickey Z Tam—rate virtually even to us, and we think a good sized exacta box should suffice.  J Duke and McCown respectively draw the steers.


Race 9


#4 Eden’s Lucky Charm—has traveled back and forth from the fairs to the big circuits, and has done well enough to get the circle here.  It seems strange that Page won’t win in any of the 8 prior events, but use him here. The 1, 2, and 3 appear to be the ones under, or possibly even win if ELC falls short of the mark.  

Race 10


#2 Wittyville—comes straight off a victory in the 275k final in the OSS at Scioto on Super Night, 09/08.  Let’s throw the 3, 4, and 7 in there with him for use in exotic play.


Race 11  


#6 Pearl Crush, and the #8 Rockin Sue—get the circles here. The former for her wide berth in earnings, and the latter for getting a HUGE driver upgrade to David Miller.  


Race 12


#6 Oh So Pine—has Noble to pilot, finished better at 4th in the OSS final than his rivals, and has the 2nd time lasix application.  Should be enough. Get the 1and 2, buckle my shoe underneath.  


Race 13  


Finds us just like the final event yesterday, without many positive feelings.  Go to the Cozy Cat beverage tent instead. If you must play, the 4, P L Haymaker, a 4-1 m/l selection, and the 7, Lex Vegas, with a big driver switch to Miller, should be considered.


Good luck, and get ready for even more exciting racing product coming tomorrow with the Jugette, and Thursday with the 73rd Little Brown Jug.

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